As most other websites in Denmark, uses cookies. We primarily use cookies to analyse and optimise our website.

Here you can read more about cookies, which cookies uses and how you can get rid of cookies. Cookies used by are completely  safe, and will be described further down in the text.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small textfile, that a websites store on your computer, tablet or smartphone. When you later visit the same website again, the data stored in the cookie are sent to the website.

Cookies are used for many different things. Most often they are used to save information about user behaviour, e.g. in form of specific settings, content in a shopping basket or to know whether or not a user has logged in.

A cookie is 100% save, and it can’t spread viruses or anything harmful. The data we store in cookies are anonymous, and can’t be  oplysninger vi lagrer i cookies er anonyme, and can not be diverted to you as a person, but only in anonymous form to the computer or device that the cookie is stored on.

Which cookies does use? uses 3rd party cookies from Google Analytics to measure and analyze the way in which our site is used, for exaple which pages are viewed, how much time is spent, and how the different pages are found.

Logging in to the administration area of WordPress, (the CMS – Content Management System), WordPress also uses some cookies. In this way, the user does not have to log in to the administration area for each page load. also places a cookie that aims to tell if the user visits the Danish or English website. Also WooCommerce (which is used to display products), places a cookie.

Finally places a cookie, to tell if the cookie-notification bar should be shown or not. You can read more about the different cookies on the following pages:

How to avoid or delete cookies in general?

If you want to delete the cookies stores on your computer or device, find way to the Internet settings in your browser, and the place where advanced cookie settings are handled. Here you can add to the list of sites, that you want to block cookies from.

If you want to reject cookies in general, please be aware that this can cause other sites not to work properly. Eg. many modern online shops are highly dependent on the use of cookies.

Below you will find guides to delete cookies from the most common browsers: